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Collection and Recovery Services
Customer Verification
External Agents

To meet and surpass the growing and complex needs of our clients, CollectPlus’s services support essential functions across key portions of the customer lifecycle, including acquisition, growth, care, resolution, and retention. CollectPlus provides its services through Customer Lifecycle Management, a unique customer-driven model that delivers our optimal performance, leading-edge technology, proven efficiency, and exceptional quality.

CollectPlus operates a broad network of several operations running on a centralized data platform, a huge customer database and in-house built software with the flexibility to respond to a rapidly changing marketplace, and to scale operations to meet client specifications. Our clients are empowered to successfully address immediate business needs, while enabling long-term growth across the entire customer lifecycle.


Our mission is to be the leaders in providing outsourced business processes. We build quality partnerships and use our operational expertise to create value for our customers and employees.

Our vision is based on the core values of our commitment to integrity, commitment to teamwork, and our commitment to quality. The core purpose of our organization is to deliver quality customer-focused outsourcing services.


Collection & Recovery Services

CollectPlus offers a Full Service based Debt Collection Agency serving clients within various parts of the globe. We are committed to high standards and driven to recover your money as quickly as possible. Our staffs are highly skilled at applying a sincere solution for your specific collection needs.


CollectPlus is committed to providing the highest value proposition, the most flexible and feature rich product solution and the greatest customer satisfaction. We value long term partnerships with each of our customers to help them achieve their corporate mission. Our robust, communication solutions allow companies to acquire,

Customer Verification

Wide range of methodologies and processes are involved in customer verification. The benefit of verifying customers on regular basis would definitely impact your sales, since you would be in contact with the customer regularly with an updated contact list.

External Agents

CollectPlus has managed over the last period to train and recruit a fleet of External Field Agents. Being monitored by our advanced in-house built software, agents are being tracked to ensure momentum and efficiency in the work flow.


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Achieve more with less

Everyone in business is under constant pressure to produce ever-increasing volumes of work to generate more revenue using existing staff. With outsourcing, you can utilize your existing staff to manage outsourced projects.

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Access to skilled people

Business is not a steady, constant stream. You can never fully predict what situation the next day, week or month will force upon you. Outsourcing provides a certain level of scalability to help solve the enviable situation of significant growth.

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Core competencies Focus

When your business grows, it does so because you successfully deliver a product the market demands. Outsourcing allows you to delegate noncore activities and lets you maintain your focus on the activities that make you successful.

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Negotiating contracts

The plain truth is that labor is expensive, given that the cost of living is high. In addition to each staff member’s salary, there is the cost of tickets, health insurance, annual leaves, computers, cubicles and much more, depending on the perks you offer.

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Higher value per person

Maintaining the proper staff levels to meet the needs of your business is a difficult art to master. Outsourcing gives you flexibility when determining appropriate staff levels. This strategy will keep your full-time staff at a steady utilization rate.

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Educated people with skills

Considering the fact that our staff communicate with target clientele over the telephone, it is vital that they have proper phone etiquette. This will not only give out a good reputation of the company, but also prove to be successful at getting results.

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Getting started is easy

If outsourcing sounds even remotely interesting to you, we suggest you take appropriate action. Notice we didn’t simply say “take action.” Getting started with outsourcing is as easy as finding a vendor and signing a contract.

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Start Now

In the end, you will find your company in a position to produce more profit and net income, and continue the tradition of business productivity.


Our gradual internal training programs are provided to enable our dedicated team to understand the needs of this particular market. Our clients can be assured of the pedigree of the people who will be handling and maintaining relationships with their customers. Our team members are multilingual, multicultural & well qualified. On the other hand, our aim is to preserve the relation between our client & customer wherever possible.

Every member of our team understands and works to our high standard of customers’ service assuring continuity in approach and consistent communication. We are using the latest technology, finest people and up to date strategies t provide any solution you seek, we make sure our people are well motivated which will help them motivate your customers to maintain relations.

Our goal is to achieve the highest possible return on each fund placed.